Willow Cottage Cattery 5 Star Rated

Terms and Conditions

a) Booking:

Fees will be charged per day booked, including arrival and departure days.  A non-refundable/transferable 25% deposit will be required in advance.  The deposit must be received by us within 7 days of booking in (or straight away if less than 7 days to your cat's arrival).  On payment of the deposit the booking will be confirmed by email and this signifies your acceptance of our full terms and conditions

b) Minimum Peak Period Booking:

Bookings falling within the period 23rd to 27th December, must be a minimum of 5 days.

c) Cancellations, amendments and delays:

Any cancellation or amendment within 7 days of booked period will incur a charge of 100% of original fees due.

Any cancellation or amendment within 14 days of booked period will incur a charge of 50% of original fees due.

Willow Cottage Cattery will not be liable for any delays in delivery or collection, by whichever party, as a result of civil commotion, riots, war, strikes, unusual weather phenomena or any other delays including travel delays, which incur an extension of any cat’s stay with us. The full cost of any delay must be met by the customer, as per paragraph a), above.

d) Health and Welfare Requirements:

Cats should be fit and healthy. Any long term or serious illnesses or special requirements must be declared at the time of booking.

Only cats from the same household can be booked into the same chalet.

If cats from the same family occupying the same chalet become aggressive or stressed, you consent to their separation if required.

Male cats will only be accepted into the cattery if they are neutered, unless they are aged under 6 months old.

Proof of current vaccinations must be shown on admission otherwise cats will not be accepted into the cattery.

Cats must be free of parasites and diseases on admission. A check will be made for parasites at the beginning of their stay. To prevent further spread, infestations or evidence of worms will be treated and the costs must be paid by the owner on collection.  An additional fee will be charged for flea treatment of affected chalet(s).

If emergency or urgent veterinary care is required during your cat’s stay, we will endeavour to contact you or your named representative. However, if contact cannot be established within the necessary time scale, you consent to us arranging all necessary urgent treatment at your expense.

e) Delivery and Collection:

Cats can only be delivered or collected by owners/nominated person during our published opening times.

If using our own collection and delivery service, it will only be available outside published opening times, by arrangement.

f) Food:

We offer several main brands of both complete/dried and wet cat food. Other choices or special diets may be arranged at time of booking.

You are welcome to bring your Cat’s own food if you prefer.

g) Fees:

Fees must be paid at least 2 days before arrival. Any additional fees during your cats stay can be paid on collection. We reserve the right not to release any cat where fees remain outstanding.

If a cat has not been collected 7 days after the last booking date and there has been no contact with the owner, it may be passed to animal welfare re-homing agencies.

h) Data Protection:

Any customer booking data collected by us will be securely stored and only used by authorised personnel to assist in future administration within the cattery. It will not be used for any other purpose or shared with any third parties.  Customer data held by us can be viewed on request in advance.

We may ask you for permission to show your cat’s photograph(s) on our website or on our Facebook page.